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In Regard of the project

About Story of Awan project, I think it will not finished (even alpha version) for anytime soon. That’s because there are many things that distract me from this project (like playing games, study, work, another project, making videos, trying new engine, trying deep learning, and stuff). And I’m unhappy how I work this so far, with the current engine right now, and how messy everything is.

In short: I’m stuck, and don’t know what I should do next.

Anyway, this meant to be personal project, for me to learn stuff, so no one should expect it much. I cannot stream it as content to because reason. I still work for it, but it is very slow progress.

Sorry for all of this tho’. I cannot promise anything, but have a good day.

Game Development blog

On Hold And New Project


First thing first, I’m sorry but my Echia Visual novel is on hold. It doesn’t mean it’s canceled, it just when I look for the budget itself it’ss kinda impossible to finish it in this years. After all I’m just a single dev with limited budget.

So, to make up for that, I still create a visual novel, but more simple and not graphic demanding. What I need some finished project to show what I capable of.

My New Project named Story of Awan. It’s a story in same world in near future of Echia story and it contain some cameo character of Echa story (Since echia story writing already planed out.

Story is using part (Plan is around 3-5 part) which divide by main story, branch story, and bonding story. Main Story contain about half of a light novel book or around 100 pages (A4 with one space).

Engine I use still using Unity Engine. Then scripting it from start to make a better design to improvement. Now I use small module so updating things will be much easier.

Development is doing good. Demo story is already done. Main story for part one already finished about 50%, visual novel engine main feature is mostly done (Conversation module, transition module, etc).

Difficulties is more in drawing part. I’m using 3D render software for background drawing. For rendering it takes quite much time.

Wish me luck.